The Need For Proper Nutrtion
Artifical production processes, chemicals and steroids have depleted our fruits and vegetables of vital nutrients, and lifestyle trends have led to unbalanced meals and poor food choices.

As a result, nutritional supplements meet a growing need to restore deficient nutrients to our bodies by supplying vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, bioflavonoids, amino acids, and other needed nutrients in a way the body can absorb and use them.

After years of research, the American Medical Association now strongly recommends that all adults enhance their diets with nutritional supplementation. Health care professionals are also realizing the benefits of nutritional supplementation and alternative approaches to wellness.*

With the range of Unicity products, we want you to look and feel healthy. Our many unique and patented product formulations have been developed through nutritional, clinical, and medical research to enhance your overall health and well-being. All of the Unicity products have been organized into categories that work with the body’s natural systems to maximize their ability to address specific health functions.*

Range of Unicity Products Available:

Digestive – Colon Cleanse, Cleansing, Parasites, Native Legend Tea
Bone and Joint – Joint Pain, Knee Pain, Calcium

Heart Health – Bios Life, CoQ10, Fish Oil
Anti Aging – Eye Health, Anti Aging, Antioxidants
Life Health – Bios Life, Fruit Vegetables, Vitamins Minerals
Breast Self Examination – Breast Self Examination
Weight Loss – Bios Life Slim




Bios Life™ Lowers Bad Cholesterol And Increases Good Cholesterol – Lowers Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease*
Bios Life is a unique and patented formula of naturally derived ingredients. When taken as a drink, Bios Life forms a fiber matrix in the digestive system. This fiber matrix envelops nutrients and sugars as they are consumed, releasing them to the body at a natural rate. This revolutionary breakthrough provides the following health benefits:

• Clinically proven to address cholesterol concerns
• Balances blood sugar levels
• Eliminates energy spikes and crashes
• Aids in weight management
• Promotes healthy digestive function
• Strengthens the immune system
• Decreases triglyceride levels
• Cleanses the colon

Thousands of healthcare and medical professionals around the world have helped millions of people improve their health with this safe and scientifically proven natural solution to many of the world’s leading health problems.*