Cleansing – Super Chlorophyll Powder – Derived from nutrition-rich alfalfa, chlorophyll has been used for decades to support cleansing and health.

Chlorophyll, the green coloring matter of plants, is an important natural product, beneficial to humanity. The ancient Greeks, acclaimed for their proficiency with natural medicine, utilized green leafy plants for treating wounds and abrasions. The word chlorophyll is derived from the Greek word “chloros” (green) and “phyllon” (leaf). A water-soluble form of Chlorophyll is employed for the body to gain the health benefits associated with the green liquid extracted from the alfalfa plant.

Water-soluble chlorophyll derivatives are currently used in deodorants, toothpaste, breath mints, mouthwash, detergents and medicine.

Unicity’s Super Chlorophyll Powder is a water-soluble concentrate that is naturally flavored. This product is different from other chlorophyll products on the market because it contains a higher concentration of chlorophyll.

The fantastic deodorant*, bacteriostatic and nutritional benefits associated with chlorophyll supplementation make Super Chlorophyll Powder a great purchase for anyone interested in maintaining optimal health.


Chlorophyll absorbs blue and red wavelengths of light, but it looks green to our eyes because the wavelengths that are not absorbed are the colors we see. What we see is what is being reflected from the leaf or just passing through it, giving the pigment its color. Other pigments are also found in green plants, but the greenness and blue-black color of chlorophyll is so strong that it generally hides the others. The carotenoids, yellow and orange pigments that also absorb light and help with photosynthesis, are present in most green leaves. That is why the leaves change colors in the fall – the plants reabsorb the useful materials from its leaves and the chlorophyll breaks down, leaving behind the red and yellow pigments to show through. When light is absorbed by chlorophyll, electrons in the pigment molecules within the leaf cells are organized into tiny electrical currents. This electric energy made from light is what the plant uses as power to grow and develop.

There are 13 essential mineral nutrients needed by plants for healthy plant growth. When a plant grows, it takes in the water and nutrients from the soil, and gases (carbon dioxide) from the air. The energy from photosynthesis enables the plant to separate water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. The oxygen is released from the leaf into the atmosphere, and the hydrogen is combined with molecules of carbon dioxide. The combination of carbon dioxide and hydrogen forms glucose.

Glucose is a carbohydrate, formed through photosynthesis, which is used as food and fuel to supply energy to the plant for its own growth and life functions. On most days, enough light is provided for the leaves to produce much more glucose than the plant needs for its immediate needs. The surplus glucose is used to make carbohydrates, such as sucrose and starch, and cellulose fibers for the plant structure.


Q. I eat plenty of green vegetables. Aren’t I already reaping the benefits of chlorophyll?

A. Super Chlorophyll is the concentrated mineral-center of the alfalfa plant. It yields health benefits above and beyond those received from simply eating vegetables.

Q. When should I use Super Chlorophyll?

A. Super Chlorophyll can be used anytime you would like a healthy drink. Taken before meals, it may help with digestion.