Healthy Heart – Cardio Essentials is a powerful, proprietary formula product that supports healthy heart function, blood flow, and heart tissue.

Many nutritional supplements for the cardiovascular system contain the powerful substance coenzyme Q-10, which scientists have related to improved functioning of the heart. However, although studies demonstrate that coenzyme Q-10 is effective only at daily intakes of 100 mg, most supplements contain only small amounts. But not Unicity’s Cardio Essentials; our supplement contains a full 100mg, in addition to efficacious amounts of other nutrients that support heart health, including L-carnitine, L-taurine, and hawthorn. Together, these nutrients support healthy heart function, blood flow, and heart rhythm and provide proper nourishment to heart muscle tissue.*

Unicity™ has developed a nutritional supplement to support healthy heart muscle, blood flow, and heart rhythm. This formula is based on research about several cutting-edge ingredients.*

What’s inside:

Like all body organs, heart health is profoundly affected by our diet. To maximize nutritional benefits to the cardiovascular system, Cardio Essentials contains several ingredients that represent scientific advances in heart health.* Coenzyme Q-10 is a fundamental antioxidant and bioenergetic compound occurring naturally in body cells. Some scientists believe that age causes this nutrient’s levels in the body to decrease. Compared to other products on the market, Cardio Essentials contains a significantly higher level of this compound.*

L-carnitine, an important biological substance found in heart and skeletal muscle, has been shown to diminish in individuals with heart disorders.*

L-taurine is a sulfur-containing amino acid made in the body from cysteine.* Hawthorn is an herb that has been used in Europe for centuries to support heart health. This supplement provides a standardized extract.*

What it will do for you:

Coenzyme Q-10 supports healthy heart function, blood flow, and heart rhythm and provides proper nourishment to heart muscle tissue. Its antioxidant properties help combat free radicals that damage body cells, and it operates in cell mitochondria as an electron carrier and stabilizes cell membranes. It plays a critical role in the energy production of the heart and other tissues.*

In the body, elevated fatty acid levels produce intermediate waste products that can harm heart muscle tissue.

L-carnitine plays a natural role in heart muscle tissue and helps support healthy heart cells. Furthermore, it may replenish free carnitine in the body, which is necessary for fat to be carried across the cell mitochondria to be used for energy by the heart.*

L-taurine is believed to play a role in the body’s water balance.*

Hawthorn has been demonstrated to support healthy heart muscle tissue, blood flow, and antioxidant protection.

* * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


The heart beats 60 to 80 times per minute as it circulates blood throughout the body’s cardiovascular system. Blood carries oxygen and other nutrients to all body cells, and it picks up wastes and transports them to the lungs or kidneys for elimination. The heart, which is about the size of two fists, has four hollow chambers: the left atrium, the right atrium, the left ventricle, and the right ventricle. After blood has traveled throughout the body delivering oxygen and gathering carbon dioxide waste, it flows into the heart’s right atrium and moves through a valve into the right ventricle, which pumps it into the lungs for removal of carbon dioxide and recharging with oxygen. The blood then reenters the heart, moving through the left atrium through a valve into the left ventricle, which pumps the blood into the arteries for circulation throughout the body’s 60,000 miles of blood vessels. The heart pumps about 2,100 gallons of blood per day, and a natural electrical system maintains its rhythm. Because heart muscles use so much energy, the heart itself needs considerable oxygen and nutrients, which are supplied by the coronary arteries.

Blood vessels are lined with a delicate layer of cells that are sensitive to particles and chemicals found in the bloodstream. With proper nutrients and exercise, blood vessel walls become stronger, more flexible, and more resistant to the cracks and lesions that can cause deposits to form. Like other body systems, the heart and vessels that make up the cardiovascular system are profoundly affected by diet and exercise habits. Several nutritional supplements have been found to improve cardiovascular health.*


Q.. How does Cardio Essentials compare with other brands in the quantity of nutrients it provides?

A. CoQ10 has performed well in clinical studies. Many people want to supplement their diets with it, and many companies are attempting to capitalize on that popularity by including CoQ10 in their products. However, most other supplements provide only a few milligrams of CoQ10, while Cardio Essentials contains a full 100mg in each dosage, which is the level at which CoQ10 has been shown to support heart and cardiovascular health.*

Q. When should I take Cardio Essentials?

A. With a meal, because the key nutrient, CoQ10, is a fat-soluble nutrient, meaning that it is best digested in company with dietary fats.*

Q. Do the amino acids come from protein sources?

A. None of the ingredients come from animal products.