Fruit Vegetables

Fruit Vegetables

DAILY PRODUCE 24 – Your Daily Intake Of Fruits And Vegetables
Daily Produce 24 helps in supplementing your daily intake of fruits and vegetables, this supplement encapsulates various vegetable and fruit juice powders to help protect the body against oxidative damage by free radicals.*

Experts agree that adults should eat at least five daily servings of fruits and vegetables-and for optimal health benefits, they need seven to nine daily servings. However, the U.S. National Cancer Institute and National Research Council have found that only nine percent of adults achieve the five-serving daily minimum. Even when we manage to eat enough fruits and vegetables, modern methods of harvesting, processing, and cooking often diminish their nutritional value.

Fruits and vegetables contain irreplaceable combinations of powerful phytonutrients that are essential to good health. It’s impossible to pack all the nutrition of fresh fruits and vegetables into a capsule, and no supplement can completely replace fruits and vegetables in the diet. However, new scientific advances allow us to better encapsulate many of the nutrients in fruits and vegetables to help bridge the gap in the modern diet.

Daily Produce 24 Fruit Infusion and Vegetable Infusion will help improve your health in several important ways. In particular, these vegetable and fruit juice powders have been shown to protect the body against oxidative damage by free radicals.

The ingredients in Vegetable Infusion and Fruit Infusion come from whole fruits and vegetables grown under ideal conditions in rich soil and harvested at peak maturation. Recent research indicates that getting antioxidants from whole foods may be more effective than taking isolated vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Both supplements are packaged in gelatin-free capsules of plant origin.*

The fruits and vegetables used in Daily Produce 24 are not subjected to any unnecessary processing, heating, or pasteurization, which can damage phytonutrients and weaken potency. The fruits and vegetables are pulped in a manner that retains all the nutrient sources, and the liquid is gently flash-dried to minimize damage to nutrients. The resulting high-potency powder is encapsulated without added binders and fillers.


Provides excellent protection against oxidative stress, as measured by the power and duration of Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity.*
Harvested and processed to maximize whole-food benefits and preserve micronutrients and naturally occurring enzymes.
Features extracts that retain natural deep color. Studies have shown that robust colors in food indicate higher levels of nutrient activity.*


According to Agricultural Research, Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) is the measurement of “the ability of foods, blood plasma, and just about any substance to subdue oxygen free radicals in the test tube.” The higher the ORAC value, the more potent the substance’s free-radical-scavenging capability. Consuming high-ORAC foods results in a proportionate rise in blood serum ORAC. Across the board, fruits and vegetables have higher ORAC values than any other foods.

Researchers at the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University in Boston found that eating foods with high-ORAC activity “raised the antioxidant power of human blood, prevented some loss of long-term memory and learning ability in middle-aged rats, maintained the ability of brain cells in middle-aged rats to respond to a chemical stimulus, and protected rats’ tiny blood vessels-capillaries-against oxygen damage.”

By consuming foods with high ORAC values, we may be able to combat the effects of aging. Aging has been linked to oxidative stress on tissues and cells. In fact, in certain human diseases associated with premature aging, scientists have observed oxidation of proteins at a much higher rate than in healthy subjects. Oxidative stress has also been associated with coronary artery disease. Reducing oxidative stress and damage through high-ORAC nutrition may lead to health and longevity.*


Q. What are Daily Produce 24 capsules made of?

A. The capsules do not contain any animal products. The capsules used are Vcaps®, a registered trademark for gelatin-free plant capsules from Capsugel®.

Q. Can children take Daily Produce 24 products? If they can, what would be the recommended dose?

A. Yes, children can take the recommended amount listed on the label. Dosage is the same regardless of age.

Q. Does Fruit Infusion contain carbohydrates or sugar?

A. Fruit Infusion does not contain any carbohydrates and contains only a small amount of naturally occurring sugar.

Q. How does one serving (two capsules) of Fruit Infusion and Vegetable Infusion compare to a serving of fruits or vegetables?

A. The products do not contain the natural fiber found in fruits and vegetables, but they contain the important phytonutrients and antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables. It takes several grams of whole fruits and vegetables to yield two capsules of Fruit Infusion or Vegetable Infusion.