Vitamins Minerals

Vitamins Minerals

Vitamins Minerals – Core Health Basics provides your daily multi vitamins and multi minerals for the day

In Unicity’s on going quest to provide a solid foundation for optimal health and wellness, our world-class scientists have formulated the new Core Health Basics multivitamin with you in mind. After carefully studying other multivitamins on the market and using cutting-edge technology, we have created a superior daily multivitamin that meets or exceeds 100% of the RDA of 15 vitamins and minerals. With increased amounts of vitamins B and C, just to name a few, you will be providing your body with the strength it needs to support your immune system, maintain eye and skin health and provide that extra boost of natural energy that will help you cruise through your daily routine. This essential formula also provides the effective dose of three milligrams of Lutein, the well researched marigold extract that aids in vision and overall eye health.*

No matter what other supplements you take to address specific needs, you will always want to keep Core Health Basics at the centre of your nutritional program.

A comprehensive formula of 19 vitamins and minerals specifically designed to maintain complete well-being and keep you in a tip top condition always.

The functions of certain nutrients found in Core Health Basics are described as below:

Vitamin A – supports the skeletal and skin systems. It also helps assist vision.
Vitamin C – provides antioxidant properties. It also helps the body produce collagen and assimilates folic acid
Vitamin D – helps regulate the body’s absorption & use of calcium and phosphorus
Vitamin E – supports the eyes and skin and provides antioxidant benefits
B-Complex – help energize the body and assist body’s function
Calcium – crucial to proper bone development and growth
Iodine – involved in the synthesis of the thyroid hormones
Zinc – helps the body maintain clear skin and facilitate the use of stored Vitamin A
Selenium – provides antioxidant benefits and supports eye health
Manganese – helps maintain healthy bones
Lutein – has antioxidant benefits and supports the eyes

Features and Benefits:
Provides 19 vitamins and minerals to promote well-being and to support your general health.*
Supports your immune system and maintains eye and skin health.*
Aids in vision and overall eye health.*